Today's Sauces 18/04

Today's 2 sauces are Blueberry and Habanero. And Mango and pineapple. One of the best things about Chillibros is our ingredients are locally grown or sourced locally and most of our Chilli's we have grown ourselves. Our Blueberry hotsauces from the get go have been huge hits and are often now used on icecream and brownie. But never forgetting how good they are on Burgers and wings. Our second sauce has been a popular one from day one our mango and pineapple. I've taken a slightly different approach today as I've been asked recently do we have sauces that aren't so hot. Answer till today is not really. I've used to Chilli's that have Mexican and Peruvian backgrounds and prove to be sweet fruity earthy Chilli's that I think will compliment the sauce well. Mango and pineapple is a sauce that you use on most Mexican dishes, stir-fries, dips, Basically anything.



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